Project Management for the Elections Environment
Track Priorities
Track priorities and work progress for all tasks
Communicate and document work with quick notes and integrated emails.
Manage Documents
Keep all relevant information in a document library
Manage election calendars with legal references.
Project management
Specific to elections
Election ToDo was developed by an election company for election officials.
There are a number of programs on the market to assist in project management however, few of them address the specific needs of an elections environment.
Election ToDo allows users to assign tasks, track their progress, and schedule due dates all on one calendar. Its notes feature and email client simplify communication by eliminating the need for external programs.
Election ToDo bridges common gaps in communication with its ability to support collaboration between multiple teams and project plans.

Keep your staff in the loop with shared calendars, integrated emails, defined milestones, and color-coded task delegation. Track progress and make sure that you never miss a deadline.
Election ToDo is was built to integrate with other TED Suite products — seamlessly tying together everyone's activities. Election ToDo's multiple calendar views keep everyone in communication, even while working independently!

Oversee the configuration of your Precinct Central Touchpads or monitor data uploads to Live Results. Election ToDo does it all!
Reduce & Reuse
Why do the same work twice if you don't have to? Election ToDo allows users to copy information from previous elections. Save your project plan from one election, change the dates, and reuse it during the next!
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