Recruit. Train. Schedule. Pay - All From One System.
Staff Management
Create employee profiles with contact information, job title, and availability.
Schedule Training
Publish class schedules and let poll workers sign up for training.
Payroll & Expenses
Organize payroll by pay rates, hours worked, travel, and other expenses.
Become a poll worker
The easy way!
Election force poll worker application and approval process graph
Schedule training courses
Without confusion
Election Force makes training a breeze.
Whether it's five people or 50, scheduling classes to fit everyone's needs can be overwhelming. Election Force helps trainers schedule classes, times, locations, and publish course materials for poll workers to view before registering for classes. It also tracks class attendance, credit hours, and test scores.
Election Force election worker portal displayed on an iPad
Training can be daunting
Scheduling doesn't have to be
Payroll and expenses
Organized and simplified
Election Force home page
Payroll has never been easier.
Payroll can be cumbersome when training, mileage, and other expenses get involved.

With Election Force, counties can organize their payroll expenditures for various job types, project budgets, get an overall view, and do detailed reporting of payroll activities.
Your poll workers are on the go
But is their work?
Election Force Poll Worker Portal
Poll Worker Portal has you covered.
Election Force Poll Worker Portal allows poll workers to create profiles and register for classes online. From there, they can review course materials, look up class times and locations, and make changes to their schedules independently without having to contact the elections office.
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