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Live Results
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ePollbooks deployed
ePollbooks deployed
30,000+ ePollbooks Deployed
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voters served

37,000,000 voters served
Tenex Election Desk
All of your election management tools in one integrated solution
Precinct Central – Simple, not simplistic! Provide better service and reduce wait times at the polls. Our voter check-in suite creates transparency with real-time statistics, allowing users to monitor trouble spots before they become issues.
Election Response – Critical for election support! Report, track, and resolve issues quickly.  Our help desk solution alerts users of critical items, ensuring that your team is always informed and organized.
Voter Central - Finally, a modern, secure solution for voter registration management! Using the latest technology, Voter Central allows you to automate administrative tasks and stay organized. Process multiple voter registration forms, find precinct and voter information, and create templates to speed up and simplify data entry.
Live Results – A reliable platform is key for election night reporting. Publish results on a secure, proven platform to provide transparency and accessibility for voters, candidates, and media.
Election ToDo – Tame your election task list with the project management software created specifically for elections officials. View all tasks and deadlines on one calendar, create and track assignments, and keep your office up to date with emails and notes.
Election Force – Arm your workforce for success! Process poll worker applications, organize training, create work schedules, and complete payroll for elections workers. Whether it’s early voting, poll workers, or temp employees, Election Force satisfies your scheduling and staffing requirements for the entire election cycle.
Campaign Desk - Intuitive and efficient service for all! Streamline the financial reporting and filing process for committees, provide public transparency for campaign finance data, and empower staff with an intuitive management tool.
Election AIM – Clear view of critical assets and inventory. Establish chain-of-custody for all critical election supplies with our asset inventory management platform. Keep track of what is needed for each election, plan equipment delivery, and ensure all items are returned.

Early voting in New York

Tenex is proud to have played a role in the election that introduced early voting to New York. Our electronic poll book and ballot-on-demand solutions were deployed across the state, servicing counties where voter turnout was as high as 35%.
"Tenex made the best case in terms of ease of training and user friendliness for the public. There’s no question this will make the electoral process more accessible for voters and more efficient for the Board of Elections."
- Jeremy Zellner
Democratic Elections Commissioner
(Erie County, NY)
"It's just making it easier and more convenient for all of our voters."
- Amy Hild
Elections Committee (Erie County, NY)
- Author of Quote
Tenex Kentucky electronic pollbook

Racing ahead in Kentucky

In 2018, the Commonwealth of Kentucky selected the Tenex ePollbook to modernize the check-in process. Since then, the Precinct Central ePollbook has been deployed in Kentucky's 120 counties.

Idaho's vendor of choice

On August 7, 2018 the Idaho Secretary of State’s office announced that Tenex had been selected over five of its competitors to rollout the state’s new voter registration and election management system, replacing the an old system that has been in place since 2006.

Full-scale implementation is set to take place from the end of 2018 through 2019 and will include election night reporting, campaign finance reporting, lobbyist registration, poll location lookup, absentee ballot status, and online voter registration.
Live Result election night reporting
We don't like to brag but...others do it for us!
“The use of the Tenex EPBs attributed to a 30% reduction in the number of provisional ballots issued in presidential elections. We could not have been happier with the way the EPBs performed as well as with the service and support by Tenex.”
Sherry Poland - Director
Hamilton County, Ohio BOE
“Tenex’s product line is an exciting solution to the critical problems that arise in the fluent atmosphere of election work. By partnering with Tenex, we have enhanced our voter, election worker and staff experiences. This is critical for election work. I am proud to work with such a passionate company.”

Carol Lovas – Deputy Director
Ashtabula County, Ohio BOE
"All of our pollworkers loved them! The only ones that weren't happy were the ones that didn't get a chance to use one!"
Mitchell Lange - Elections Trainer
Ada County, Idaho

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