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Precinct Central

iPad based electronic poll book and monitoring suite

Advanced Voter Processing

Advanced processing for voter challenges and provisionals

Same Day Registration

Complete and print Election Day registrations from the Touchpad

Polling Location Directions

Transfer voters who arrive at the incorrect location to go to their correct location

Ballot on Demand

Print ballots on demand for early voting

DRE Card Programming

Burn ballot style information to voter access cards

Ballot Stub Scanning

Scan ballot style and stub numbers to ensure correct ballot delivery

On-Screen Documents and Videos

Present your own documents and videos on the screen for quick reference on Election Day

Ballot Accounting

Keep track of all ballots issued for complete auditing

Poll Worker Payroll

Poll workers clock in and out on-screen


Your voter data is safe on the FIPS-II compliant iOS platform

No External Ports

With no external ports, your device and it's data cannot be compromised by malicious USB introduced attacks

Sandboxed Application Environment

iOS provides a secure application execution environment so that one application cannot access the resources of another leading to enhanced security and protection from malware

Password Protected at All Levels

Securely protected by strong password schemes at every level including application, database, server and more

Voter Data is Safe with Secure Communication

Precinct Central uses industry standard SSL/TLS communication to encrypt and secure all transmissions to and from your device



Built in training module simplifies your training worries

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Real Time Monitoring

Monitor everything from the office in real-time

Monitor your ePollbooks in real-time, impress reporters with real-time statistics, and keep track of voter turnout and ballot supply with the Precinct Central Console. Even poll workers have noticed how impressive real-time monitoring is –

“A funny thing happened when I got a call from the BOE telling me two of my four ePollbooks were running on battery.  As it turned out, one of the workers had kicked the connection and the electrical cord was slightly detached.  How amazing that you all knew that from downtown!” – Hamilton County, Ohio Poll Worker



Integrated peripherals make Precinct Central easy to set-up, use, and shut down

Built-In Camera

Built-in iPad camera quickly scans driver's license to bring up the correct voter

On-Screen Keyboard

On-screen keyboard makes typing easy

Wireless Printers

With multiple printing options, Precinct Central uses Apple AirPrint and Bluetooth technologies to wirelessly print

Seamless Signature Capture

Retina touchscreen display allows for seamless on-screen capture of signatures and initials


iPad based electronic poll book and monitoring suite

The Precinct Central solution has many distinguishing feature that make it the most mature and usable electronic poll book platform available on the market today: Live mode capability: All data residing in Precinct Central is communicated and available in real-time via cellular/WiFi networks. This allows poll workers and election officials at the office to access up to the minute voter changes related to address updates, absentees, and voting and provisionals. Graphical dashboards: The graphical and color coded dashboard of the Precinct Central Console provides up to the minute information in easily understandable, color-coded, and summaries formats. Customizable: The features of Precinct Central allow just about all messages, text, workflows, and printed output to be customized and modified as needed without involvement from Tenex or software updates. Training Mode: The Precinct Central system supports a training mode that makes all changes performed by poll workers in training transient. This facilitates the repeated reuse of test cases with minimal setup. In addition, Precinct Central Console allows designation of test accounts that are available between election cycles so documentation does not need to change for each election.


Be confident in your ePollbook choice. Precinct Central has been deployed in some of the largest jurisdictions and elections across the country.

Over 12,000 Units Deployed
Over 5,500,000 Transactions Processed
Over 100,000 Phone Calls Avoided

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