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Election planning got you stressed out?

Still using Microsoft Excel spreadsheets?

Many people are familiar with Excel and have access to it. However, using Excel is limited. You cannot assign tasks, it is not easy for multiple people to make changes, and once conflicted copy can cause chaos.

Tried figuring out Microsoft Project?

Microsoft Project has a lot of bells and whistles but is not tailored to the elections environment. Electiontodo was developed and is supported by an Election Company for Election Officials. Electiontodo is a powerful tool that is easy for everyone to learn and use.

Now try electiontodo!

The perfect alternative to all those other tools you have already tried

We created electiontodo specifically for election task planning and coordination.

It is a powerful visual tool that is exceptionally easy to get started with!


With electiontodo you can

keep everyone updated with integrated emails

keep all relevant information in the document library

communicate and document work with quick notes

manage election calendars with legal references

track priorities and work progress for all tasks

available anywhere at anytime – keeping you on target