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Election Response

Complete election help desk management

Improve Election Day Support

Streamline your help desk; receive, organize, track and resolve field issues

Reduce Your Workload

Don't repeat your tasks; use Election Response to become more efficient at help desk and ticket managing

Save Time and Money

Reduce the need for additional help desk staff while quickly and efficiently managing support needs

Gather Insights

Manage help desk staff and technicians by metrics. Measure call times, mean time to resolution, and more.

Election support is critical

Resolve issues quickly with Election Response

Election worker has an issue in the field

Tickets can be sent through an electronic poll book, by phone, or by email.

Organize and prioritize tickets with Election Response

Tickets sent electronically will be automatically categorized and organized. Information from phone calls can be entered, organized, prioritized, and categorized.

Assign Tickets

Enable help desk to self organize.
Keep track of help desk operator call times, tickets completed, and more.

Dispatch a technician

Technicians are assigned and dispatched to locations where on-site help is needed. Capture technician information, location, and performance metrics.

Resolve Issues

Quick, accurate, and efficient.
Keep track of all tickets in one, easy to use and manage platform.

See how Election Response can improve your Election Day support

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