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About Us

Your Election Software Specialists

Tenex Software Solutions is a Tampa, Florida based company specializing in the next generation of technology. Founded by two experienced IT architects with over 40 years of combined professional experience, Tenex has evolved to be an elections boutique providing high quality, high-end user experience solutions to large elections offices.  Tenex has a wide range of expertise, including cloud based website applications, database development, and iOS and Android apps. Tenex specializes in custom technology formed to fit your needs and purpose. With a variety of solutions available, Tenex is proven to design and implement products 10x better than the next best competition.


Our Core Values

Being the best at what we do is at the heart of our culture. Our name “Tenex” software solutions embodies our fundamental reason for existence “building solutions that translate to 10x efficiency and deliver 10x value.” As Tenex Software Solutions continues to evolve, we have remained focused on this purpose and have embodied a set of core values that describe who we are and always need to be. These values are consulted when taking action and will not be compromised for financial gain or short-term expediency.

 Our customers know that with Tenex, they will always experience better than the next best.